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Elegy for a Path, 2022
Commission for No. 9 Gardens
Baled hay harvested from and returned to site
220' x 25' x 12'

I am interested in the space that opens when intellectual and emotional perception/experience converge. Activated by the senses, beauty, or ideas, there is momentary reception to physical/metaphysical memories, and of being in the immediate/transcendent “now.” In this space, there is the possibility of revelation.

I see in nature, the miracle and fragility of my own fleeting life force mirrored back to me. For me, this inspires awe and intensifies my awareness of being alive, of being conscious, and of being an individual within a larger interconnected whole.

Incorporating plant life, bronze, clay, wax, found objects, digital media, and other elements, my “living” environment-installations, landworks and sculptures oscillate between permanence and ephemera and turn on notions of interior/exterior space and place.

Pull 2017.jpg
​Pull, 2017
Pine needles, paint on wood base
13” x 13” x 4.5”
AWBZ Visual Art Collection, Global Affairs Canada
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