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Chaconne de Paeton (2005)

Chaconne de Paeton, 2005

Exhibited at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery (Waterloo, ON) in 2005. Curated by Virginia Eichhorn.

Based on the notion that choreography might function somewhat like a path, I was simultaneously drawn to the codified and orderly structure of Baroque dance notation, and to visual parallels found in period landscape architecture. Chaconne de Paeton was first choreographed and performed by Guillaume-Louis Pecour (France: 1653-1729) and notated by Raoul-Auger Feuillet (France: 1660-1710), who was the first to publish a system of dance notation in 1700. This dance was published in his Receuil de danses (1704). The dancer projected in the upper background is Daniel Gariépy of La belle danse Baroque Dance Company (Toronto).

Virginia Eichhorn wrote: "Singer's installations are his response to the need to account for something that seems ineffable in experiencing art. In looking at his work, the viewer is often taken over by a kind of mysterious power. We recognize that it's happening, but we don't know hos to name – it's a mysterious power which everyone recognizes but which eludes explanation. He has tapped into an aspect of our collective unconscious, ancient mythologies, Baroque dances, modern technologies – all synthesized to create commentary and celebration of our corporeal, physical experience."

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